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How to Apply for a Canadian Work Visa for UAE Nationals?

Canadian Work Visa

Most foreign nationals who wish to live and work in Canada require a Canadian work visa. Canada has two categories of work permits: open permits and employer-specific permits. Most of the time, applicants for a work permit need to have a job offer in hand. Those who were accepted will get an acceptance letter. After applying, you’ll want to send a cover letter to the port of entry. Skilled foreign workers can apply to work in Canada for up to six months through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. They can choose to stay longer if they want to.

UAE Nationals can apply for a variety of Canadian work visas

People can apply for different work visas to Canada from the UAE. According to the agency, you can get up to four work permits or work visas. The open work permit, the employer-specific work permit, the working holiday visa, and the International Experience Canada (IEC) visa are all examples. They also have information about how to move to Canada from the UAE. This might mean getting a visa or a work permit. An immigration consultant can give you more information about how to apply.

How to Apply for a Canadian Work?

  • Find out if you can get a work permit in Canada.
  • Gather all the necessary paperwork, such as a job offer from a company in Canada.
  • Send in your application fee and completed form.
  • Put in an application and see what happens.

You can also apply for a Canadian visa if you meet the requirements. You can also use a Provincial Nominee Program to apply to move to Canada. It would help if you talked to an immigration consultant about how to fill out the application.

A complete list of what you need to apply for a Canadian work visa.

  • To apply for a work visa in Canada, you must fill out and sign several forms.
  • This includes the Application for a Work Permit Made Outside of Canada (IMM 1295).
  • A valid travel document or passport, two photos of yourself, and photos of accompanying family members.
  • Besides, you must complete the Work Permit Document Checklist and the Family Information form.
  • You may need to complete Schedule One – TRV/Temporary Resident Visa Application.
  • A more detailed list of acceptable documentation can be found in the Work Permit Document Checklist (IMM5905E).

How long does it take to process a work visa application in Canada?

The time it takes to process a Canada work visa application depends on the type of application and how quickly it is processed. According to the Canadian government’s website, processing a work permit application can take up to 30 business days. This is equivalent to about six weeks. On average, it takes between one and nine months to obtain a work permit in Canada. Getting an Open Work Permit in Canada can take 3 to 27 weeks, depending on the applicant’s origin.


UAE citizens must get an electronic visa authorization to work in Canada. From Abu Dhabi, people can also try to get a work visa for Canada. UAE people can also get a Canada visit visa from Abu Dhabi. When someone applies for a work permit, they will get a letter of approval. This means that they will be able to work in Canada. Even though the process of immigration can be complicated, there are ways for UAE citizens to get through it. It’s important to know that getting a work visa may differ for people from other countries.

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