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spouse to Canada

Canada, one of the happiest places in the world and considered as the city of love as well. The country has the maximum fan following for permanent residency and student immigrants. While people apply for permanent residency, most of them are married and wish to immigrate with their family on the basis of their residency visa. 

But the question arises whether one can sponsor a spouse to Canada or not?

You can definitely sponsor your spouse if 

  • You are registered as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the government log. 
  • You should be 18+ years old.
  • You should have the basic financial planning for approximately 3 years to bring your spouse with you.

In order to bring your spouse, you need to prove your relationship with your spouse.

For that you need

  • Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation questionnaire
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding invitations and photos
  • Birth certificates or adoption records for children you together have.
  • Marriage certificate with a government authority

And at least two of the following documents:

  • Proof of owned property you both together have.
  • Joined bank accounts, utility bills with both of your names, copies of government-issued IDs, car insurance or tax forms that show that you live at the same address.

The ways to immigrate to Canada as a couple are-

  • Spousal Sponsorship Category
  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Student Visa

How Can We Help Spouse to Canada?

Immigration can be stressful, especially when you have a partner that needs spousal sponsorship or another pathway to move to Canada. Our service makes use of our team of experts who have all been through the immigration process before. 

These professionals are well-acquainted with the over 70 immigration programs and streams on offer and keep up to date with the ever-changing immigration policies stipulated by the federal government. Having guidance about your profile, how to improve your background and which documents to gather according to deadlines gives you that much more chance of success in receiving your ITA for permanent residence.

Sign up with our services today to start your journey to Canada as a couple. There are plenty of ways to immigrate to Canada that will suit your needs and take into account the specific nature of your relationship. Canada is certainly the best place to start a new life with your partner, where diversity is welcomed.

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Reach2world has the manpower that is 24×7 available to guide you throughout the process and helps you out if you are stuck somewhere. 

Give wings to your dreams and get ready to step into the new world. Here is an easy way to migrate to Canada with or without a work permit. We will guide you with the best possible way to move to Canada and will take care of your visa process and documentation. Click Here to register and let’s get started.

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