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Europe Immigration by investment

1. Hungary Residency Bond Program (On Hold)

As a member of the European Union and the Schengen zone, Hungary is among the 30 most-visited destinations on the planet. The country is perfectly located in the center of Europe and boasts a rich and diverse culture of music, film, food and literature, as well as universal health care. Established in 2012, the Investor Residency Bond Program offers applicants a host of advantages:

Pre-Requisites of the Program:
  • Be a Non-EU citizen
  • No Age Bar
  • No Minimum Education
  • No Minimum or Relevant Business experience
  • No Minimum Net worth requirements
  • Investment into government bonds (€ 360,000)
  • No Language Requirement
  • No physical residency requirements.
Benefits European Residency By Investment
  • Inclusion of qualifying family members, including parents, without age restrictions.
  • No requirement to travel to Hungary. Applications can be lodged at the respective Hungarian Consulate.
  • Fast processing leading to EU permanent residency for life in under 30 days
  • Fully guaranteed investment return (€ 300,000) in full after five years.
  • Free movement throughout Europe’s Schengen zone.
  • The Hungarian administration officers reserve the right to request an interview meeting with the applicant, which can be exercised at random.
  • During the initial due diligence and application stages, the financial intermediary and the Hungarian authorities will follow standard know-your-clients and anti-money laundering procedures.
  • Main applicants must provide a set of standard documents proving their source of income and accumulation of personal net worth.

2. GREECE-Residency by Investment Program

The Jewel of the Mediterranean. Greece and its majestic islands are known around the world for their historical relevance, beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, diverse culture, and welcoming locals. With a regional climate that is great for tourism all year round, it is no wonder Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is considered as one of the safest nations in the Mediterranean region, with a geographically strategic location that makes it the perfect gateway to the European Union.


Law 4251/2014 of the Greek Parliament states that non-EU citizens and their families (legal spouse, children up to 21 years of age, and ascendants of legal spouses) can avail official residence permits and access to the Schengen Zone, when they purchase property in Greece valued at or exceeding €250,000. These purchases can be made by either a legal entity or an individual.

Pre-Requisites of the Program
  • Be a Non-EU citizen
  • No Age Bar
  • No Minimum Education
  • No Minimum Net worth
  • No Minimum or Relevant Business experience
  • Investment to purchase a real estate worth €250,000 minimum in the most geographically strategic location in Europe (easy access to Europe, Asia, and Africa)
  • No physical residency requirements.
  • Permanent residency for the entire family (including the legal spouse, children up to 21 years of age, and the parents of both spouses)
  • Flexibility of stay. No minimum stay requirement to acquire permanent residency.
  • Schengen Visa Travel. Valid for direct travel to all countries in Schengen Area.
  • Value investment opportunities due to lowest prices in years
  • High quality educational system and public healthcare program

3. Bulgaria- Residency by Investment

As one of the youngest EU member states, Bulgaria boasts a rich and diverse culture, temperate climate, and ideal location in Southeast Europe.

Pre Requisites of the Program:
  • Be a Non-EU citizen
  • Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document.
  • No Age Bar
  • No Minimum Education
  • No Minimum Net worth
  • No Minimum or Relevant Business experience
  • Investment into government bonds (€ 511, 292), (€ 500,000) refunded after 5 years
  • Provide documents supporting the source and origin of invested funds.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Attest the power of attorneys and the investment agreement.
  • Make the minimum statutory trips to Bulgaria.
Benefits for Permanent Residency
  • Residency within six to nine months.
  • Fast-track option for citizenship within two years.
  • Special exemption from physical residence enforced with legislation.
  • Government-approved investments and available financing options from banks.
  • No obligation to relinquish current nationality.
  • Lowest tax rates and free-trade environment within the EU.
  • IFree movement within the Schengen zone after Bulgaria becomes a member state.
  • Access to high-quality health care in Bulgaria and the EU.
  • Conditional tax exemption on world income.
  • Unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe.
  • Right to own land in any EU country.
Benefits for Citizens
  • Unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe
  • Right to own land in any EU country

4. SPAIN-Residency by Investment Program

The Iberian Beauty. The perfect combination of culinary delights, relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, rich culture, and iconic festivities, Spain is a vibrant country that is popular to tourists from all around the world. Its pleasant climate and wealth of wonderful beaches make it the perfect destination for tropical beach hunters. More importantly, it offers family residency through its golden visa program, which was launched in 2013.


According to the 2013 Golden Visa Program, a real estate investment amounting to €500,000 makes an investor eligible for family residency through the Spanish Investor Visa. This visa can be renewed every two years, with the possibility to acquire permanent residency after a five-year period. Holders of the Spanish Investor Visa are not required to live and stay in the country to retain and renew their residency. However, to acquire permanent residency, the investor and their family must reside and stay in Spain for 5 years. Furthermore, to be eligible for citizenship, investors and their families must do the same for a period of 10 years.

Pre-Requisites of the Program
  • Be a Non-EU citizen
  • Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document.
  • Investment to purchase a real estate worth €500,000 minimum
  • No Age Bar
  • No Minimum Education
  • No Minimum Net worth
  • No Minimum or Relevant Business experience
  • Provide documents supporting the source and origin of invested funds.
  • Hold no criminal record.
  • Attest the power of attorneys and the investment agreement.
  • Make the minimum statutory trips to Bulgaria.
  • Investor visa coupled with family residency (Inclusion of legal Spouse, dependents upto the age of 18 years)
  • No minimum stay to retain and renew visa
  • Permanent residency after 5 years
  • Citizenship after 10 years
  • EU and Schengen Visa Travel. Allows for direct travel to all countries in EU and Schengen Area
  • Quality investment opportunities at great value prices, translating to incredible potential for capital gains in the future

5. Portugal-Residency by Investment Program

Between its charismatic towns and cities, beautiful sparkling beaches, lush landscapes, pleasant year-round weather, and diverse cultural heritage, it is no wonder Portugal is a popular tourist attraction. It is also one of the most pleasant places to live in the world, after being ranked as one the third most peaceful country in the world by the Global Peace Index.

With the Portuguese Golden Visa Program, it is now possible to obtain residency and even citizenship in Portugal through local investment. This new avenue launched by the Portuguese government opens doors for investors to become residents and citizens, thus enjoying the requisite benefits by simply making an investment in real estate.


The Portuguese Golden Visa Program allows foreign investors a road towards acquiring residency in Portugal, with an investment amounting to €500,000 (or €350,000 reduced option) in real estate. This path to visa acquisition covers investors as well as their families and dependent children. To renew the Portuguese Golden Visa, investors and their family only need to visit the country for a period of two weeks every two years. After 5 years, the investor can proceed to apply for permanent residency, and after 6 years, citizenship.

However, to become eligible for residency, the applicant must demonstrate ties to the country as well as a grasp of the national language. If they pass the prerequisites, investors are granted a second passport, which signifies a right to work, live, and study in any country in the European Union. It also grants the holder free passage and travel through the Schengen Area.

Pre-Requisites and Benefits of the Program
  • Investment in real estate valued at €500,000 or €350,000 reduced option to qualify for the Portuguese Golden Visa Program
  • Residency visa comes with full family coverage, including children of the investor
  • Minimum visit duration of two weeks over two-year period to retain and renew visa
  • Permanent residency after 5 years
  • Citizenship after 6 years
  • Schengen Visa Travel. Allows for direct travel to all countries in Schengen Area
  • €350,000 reduced option can be invested on real estate in need of renovation

6. Cyprus-Residency by Investment Program

Cyprus is an island country that enjoys the quiet, pleasant weather of the Mediterranean, making it a favorite destination for tourists and travelers. From its awe-inspiring mountain ranges to its sparkling blue beaches, the island country offers a wealth of destinations and attractions for those looking to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Furthermore, it is considered a value market due to its high income economy categorization by the World Bank and its impressive Human Development Index. Now, with the visa investor program, foreign investors can acquire a residency visa in Cyprus via qualified investment.


The Cyprus government launched the Cyprus investor visa program, which gives investors a fast-track avenue to acquiring a residency visa through real estate investment. To qualify, investors need only to make an investment amounting to €300,000 in real estate.

After the qualified investment has been made, the investor is granted the residency visa within a two-month period. The visa covers the investor, the spouse, and children of the investor up to the age of 25. Parents of both the investor and the spouse are also eligible to be covered by the visa.

With a residency visa, investors and their families are allowed to travel to countries in the European Union with ease. In order to retain and renew their visa, investors and their family need only to visit Cyprus once every two years. More importantly, the visa is valid for life and can be handed down to dependents.

The qualifying €300,000 real estate investment can be made by the investor direct or via a representative company. It can be invested in a single new property or a maximum of two new properties, as long as they amount to the maximum residency limit.

Pre-Requisites and Benefits of the Program
  • Real estate investment amounting to €300000 (excluding taxes and costs)
  • Coverage includes parents, grandparents, and children up to 25 years’ old
  • One family visit required every two years
  • Allows easy travel anywhere in the European Union and Schengen Areas
  • Two-month processing period
  • Value investment opportunities


Poland Residence Permit

Poland is a country that is part of the European Union. Receiving temporary residence in Poland allows you to travel freely throughout the EU Schengen countries, and the same goes locating in any Schengen country without any permits.

A residence permit in Poland for You and your family. Unrestricted movement in the EU. The opportunity to live, create a business and buy property in Poland and in the EU. Oruga Group, Your reliable partner in migration matters. Take the first step toward success with experienced team in matters of business immigration.

Work permit in Poland

The most important thing you need to know is that you can’t apply for a work permit. It needs to be requested by your future employer. Therefore there is not much you can do except to make sure that your employer did everything right. The information below is just for your awareness.

Work permits are issued by a local voivode and it is issued for the time of the stay required to undertake the work which is specified in the work permit of the declaration of the employer, but for no longer than a year.

The work permit given for seasonal work can’t be longer than 6 months in a 12-month period of time dated from the first day of the arrival.

Types of work permits for foreigners
  • Type A – a foreigner works in Poland for an employer whose registered office, place of residence, branch, facility or other form of business is located in Poland.
  • Type B – a foreigner stays in Poland between 6 to 12 months and is performing a function in the management board of a legal person who has established own business.
  • Type C – a foreigner is working for non polish employer but is delegated for more than 30 days to a branch or facility located in Poland.
  • Type D – a foreigner is working for non polish employer and is delegated to Poland for the purpose of execution of a service of a temporary and/or casual nature (export service).
  • Type E – a foreigner is working for non polish employer and is delegated to Poland for a time longer than 3 months within the next 6 months for a purpose other than those previously stated.

Foreign businessmen: TRP and PRP

A lot of people consider business immigration to Poland as a chance to take a root here and become a rightful country Resident besides commercial aims of it. Company formation in Poland gives You an ability to accommodation in its territory: first on the basis of National Visa “D” type (business, work), next, after Your company confirmed business activity by profit, employees hiring etc. you may apply for TRP (Temporary Residence Permit).

Temporary Residence Permit allows foreigners to cross Polish borders with no limits. Moreover, You will be able to stay in other Schengen Area countries up to 90 days during each 6 months that is obvious advantage. It should be noted that Polish National Visa is given only to members of a Board of Directors, but no to shareholders. It is given based on the Work Permit that may be two types of it – preferential and governor’s.


Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. It comprises three inhabited islands – Malta, Gozo, and Comino – along with several smaller uninhabited islands. It’s a nation known for historic sites related to a succession of rulers including the Romans, Moors, Knights of Saint John, French and British. It has numerous fortresses, megalithic temples and the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, a subterranean complex of halls and burial chambers dating to circa 4000 B.C.

Why choose Malta?

One of the biggest advantages of Maltese residency-by-investment is that it’s not a citizenship-by-investment programme which can sometimes raise issues with eligibility. For example, if your home country forbids second citizenship, you can still get many of the same advantages through Malta’s residency-by-investment programme.

The Malta residency and visa programme grants:

  • A Malta residence permit to the beneficiary and dependants.
  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen area.
  • The right to reside, settle and stay indefinitely in Malta.
  • The possibility of applying for a work permit under a separate process.
  • The ability to apply for Long Term Residence status and naturalisation as a Maltese citizen after a certain period of residence in accordance with the citizenship laws of Malta.
  • The possibility to add children of the main applicant/spouse who are born or adopted after the approval date subject to an additional contribution and successful due diligence checks.
  • The possibility for children of the main applicant and/or spouse/partner to add their spouse/partner and any direct dependants subject to an additional contribution and successful due diligence checks.
  • The possibility of tax benefits under the Global Residence Programme.

How To Apply

The Malta residency programme is open to third country nationals i.e. not Maltese, EU, EEA or Swiss nationals. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. Eligibility may also be extended to applicant’s dependants, including spouses or partners in a relationship, children, parents and grandparents under certain terms.

All three of the investments below are required as a qualifier for your application to the Maltese residency programme:


Applicants are required to contribute €30,000 (€5,500 of which are payable upon application) to the government of Malta upon the approval of the application. This covers themselves, their spouse/ partner and any economically dependent and unmarried children. Other dependants (e.g. parents and grandparents) may be added at an additional €5,000 each, payable upon submission of application.


Applicants are required to make a commitment to buy a property in Malta for a minimum investment of €320,000 (€270,000 in Gozo or south of Malta) or rent a property with a minimum investment of €12,000 pa in Malta (€10,000 in Gozo or south of Malta). In both cases, for a minimum of five years.


Upon approval of the application, the main applicants are required to invest €250,000 in approved instruments, typically government approved bonds, to be held for five years.

You will also need to provide a valid travel document; proof of comprehensive health insurance; and have a stable and regular annual income of £100,000+ arising outside of Malta, or capital of €500,000 or more.

Introducing Latvia

Latvia is an EU country on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is marked by wide beaches and sprawling forests. Latvia’s capital Riga, home to notable wooden and art nouveau architecture, was named European Capital of Culture in 2014.

Latvia is a beautifully diverse country with many lucrative business opportunities, especially in the finance and transportation industries. Investor Visa holders are not required to permanently live in the country, and are only required to visit for one day per year.

Latvia Residency Benefits

  • Visa-free travel throughout Schengen Area
  • Right to reside in Latvia
  • Only one day visit per year required
  • Taxed only on Latvian sourced income
  • Family members included
  • Only a five year investment required
  • Residency renewable indefinitely
  • Low risk investment
  • Capital city: Riga
  • Visa free countries: 165
  • Total area: 64,589 km²
  • Nearest country: Bordered by four countries
  • Languages: Latvian, English
  • Currency: Euro €
  • Population: 1.9 million
  • Time zone: Eastern European Time (UTC+02:00)

Route to Latvia Residency

Applicants must fulfil ONE of the following options:

Foreign Board Member

Applicants must prove managerial expertise in order to qualify for this option.

Applicants will be assigned as a board member in a government approved Latvian company.

Applicants will be granted temporary residence, renewable for five years, after which permanent residency can be applied for.

  • Program costs: €41,000
  • Processing time: 60 to 90 days
  • Family members can be included
Business Investment

The main applicant is required to invest €50,000 in equity of a government selected Latvian company. These shares can be sold after five years once the applicant gains the Permanent Resident status.

The total cost, including the investment and lawyer, government and other fees, is €95,000.


The main applicant must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a non-EU national
  • Have valid travel documentation
  • Have at least €14,000 of personal funds, €5,000 for a spouse €3,000 for a child
  • Have managerial experience (for Foreign Board Member option)

Latvia Residency Application Process

Weeks 1-2

Application submitted.

Month 1

The application is reviewed by Latvian government officials and due diligence checks are carried out.

Months 2-3

Application is approved.

Month 4

Residency permits are granted.




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    All three investments below are needed as a qualifier for your application to the Maltese citizenship program.

    Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund

    1. Main applicant: EUR 650,000 contribution.

    2. Spouses and children: EUR 25,000 contribution.

    3. Dependent parents and unmarried children (18–27 years old): EUR 50,000 contribution.

    Government Bonds

    EUR 150,000 investment in Maltese government bonds or shares for a period of at least five years.

    Property Investment

    1. Minimum investment of EUR 350,000 in property.

    2. Applicants can also enter into a property rental contract for a minimum of EUR 16,000 p.a.

    Both options require a five-year contract.


    Obtain Your Maltese citizenship Within 12 months

    • 1. Preparation of documents (Including residency card which is issued within 1-3 weeks)
    • 2. Application review
    • 3. Receiving approval
    • 4. Financial commitment, which includes:
      • Purchasing or renting a property
      • Investing in bonds
      • Contribution to the Maltese Government
    • 5. Submitting health cover
    • 6. AReceiving Oath of Allegiance Naturalisation Certificate
    • 7. Receiving Maltese citizenship