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Everything You Need to Know About Australian Skilled Migration


The mesmerizing beaches, quirky skies, and laidback lifestyles are majorly attractive for those who choose to move to Australia. The country was not as popular as it used to be. However, according to the Central Statistics Office, in the 12 months to April 2017, only 5,300 people were moved from Ireland to Australia. That’s just over a third of the total in 2012 when numbers peaked at 17,400. It also shows a dramatic jump in the numbers moving back from Australia to Ireland.

But Australia’s east coast reflects the different stories. The Sydney skyline is crammed with cranes, clear evidence that the construction boomed continues in New South Wales. So it doesn’t matter how attractive the Big Country may be, it is important to be armed with thorough research in advance before making a big move, especially if you are taking a family with you, and preferably have a job lined up.

Planning a move to Australia? Here’s is everything you need to know.

The Skillselect system for Australia is points-based, with applicants receiving points for criteria range from age to work experience. The applicants must score 60 points minimum for their visa to be granted. 


  • Nominated occupation 
  • Age 
  • English language proficiency 
  • Skilled employment 
  • Educational qualifications 
  • Australian qualifications 
  • Regional study 
  • Community language skills 
  • Spouse/partner skills and qualifications 
  • Professional year 

Here’s a guide for a big move.

Visa guide:
Go through the introduction to the visa types for workers, right from the working holiday visa to options for a longer stay, including employer and state sponsorship, permanent residency and citizenship.

Finding a place to live:
Overview of the property market carefully, short-term long-term accommodation options, the average cost of renting and buying a home in the areas of the main cities, and of course how & where to find cheap furniture.

Which city?
Your thorough research includes the details information of the most popular locations, and what they offer in terms of jobs and lifestyle. If you haven’t then don’t worry Reach2World will take this charge.

Finding a job: 

Let the Reach2World give you the introduction to the current economic climate in Australia, examining the country’s jobs market, what skills/occupations are currently in demand and where, how the average salaries compared in certain industries and our skilled staff will advise on how to do a job search.

Healthcare and insurance:
Whether you are eligible or entitled to public healthcare or not, what will be the, and other health insurance options? Reach2World will guide you for this important information.   

Education & Costs:
How the education system is run by state/territory, third-level options & costs and fees for visa holders, permanent residents and citizens. How much money you need to get set up, the overall cost of living by city, an introduction to the tax system, and other financial considerations. Every piece of information will be provided by Reach2World.

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