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General Skilled Migration (Permanent Residence Visa) To Canada & New Zealand

General Skilled Migration

General Skilled Migration Permanent Residence Visa To Canada & New Zealand – Canada and New Zealand are two of the fascinating countries across the world. And this fascination is not just because of one factor, but many. The beauty and lifestyle of these countries are something we all desire to have. Moreover, have you ever felt a lack of career or business opportunities in your own countries? It’s time that you consider migration. Yes, Canada and New Zealand serve you with mind-blowing career opportunities in every sector. No matters if you are not a big business tycoon or a graduate from a world-class school. If you are skilled, the countries welcome you with wide-open arms.

Let’s quickly look at the program that helps you reach your dream destination with your skills. Both Canada and New Zealand have their respective General Skilled Migration programs, which are point-based. The program’s major goal is to attract the right skills and talents along with the right experiences. This program targets General skilled people from all parts of the world, at a certain age and qualification, with a scope to grow. If you bring your skill to the table for the respective governments, they are happy to permit you to live and work in their countries. You get to move as permanent migrants to Canada and New Zealand through the General Skilled Migration Program.

Documents Required For The Programme

The documents required to apply for the general skilled migration program are listed below.

  1. Your Original Birth Certificate
  2. Your Passport
  3. English efficiency test is a must
  4. Your health certificates and also character certificates
  5. Your age has to be below 55 years.
  6. Report of your educational credentials assessment

What Is The Process Of Applying For This Skilled Migration Program?

Both Canada and New Zealand have their ask for the set of documents, but it has been observed that more or less they remain the same. If you are planning to move to Canada or New Zealand, the foremost thing you need is good research. You can also take the help of immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi to ensure that you have an expert opinion.

The SOP keeps on changing from time to time, so if you want a Canada to visit Visa from Abu Dhabi, only an expert can guide you the best. Rest, the major and standard steps of application are:

  1. As it is a point-based program, it is very important first to check if you qualify for that point barrier or not. Hence, the first step is to check whether your points fall in the criteria you desire.
  2. If you are eligible, the next step is to collect all the required documents and combine them to form a profile with the help of New Zealand immigration consultants.  Now, this profile is submitted to the authorities.
  3. If you score a minimum of 160 points, you are proved to be eligible to be a beneficiary of the program. Now, the authorities invite you to apply for the program called Invitation to Apply or ITA.
  4. After you get the ITA, it’s time for you to apply for the PR, which is the major goal.
  5. If you crack the code and your application get approved, Voila, you have your PR in your hand.

Now, there comes the question what is the role of Consultancy firms when you want to apply for a Canada visa? So, Consultants are simply the experts of this field and can be the best advisors for you in your journey of application to migration. Applications for programs like these are very sensitive, and it is never advised to afford mistakes.  

New Zealand immigration consultants ensure that you do not commit any mistake in the application process until the ITA. Hiring a consultant makes your life easy and the process smoother for you. There are some best immigration consultants like Reach2World in the UAE. So, connect with us reliable Canada immigration consultants here and get your PR visa approved.

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