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How Skilled Workers Can Live and Work Permanently in Australia

permanent residence in Australia

Though there are various programs to apply for an Australian visa, be it student, holidays, permanent residency, working and more. There is a visa program for skilled workers as well.  and currently, there are several ways for a Skilled Worker to obtain permanent residence. A Permanent Resident Visa lets you live, work and study in Australia without any limitation.

Check out the different categories for skilled workers to apply for permanent residence are:

Skilled – Independent (Permanent)

People with experience in an occupation on the MLTSSL can apply under this category. The list of Eligible Skilled Occupations is maintained by the Department of Home Affairs. Applicants must pass a points test.

Skilled – Nominated (Permanent)

This visa is for people who are unable to meet the Skilled – Independent requirements but have experience in any occupation. The department of home affairs not only maintains the list but also sponsored by an eligible relative living in Australia or nominated by a state or territory government. They must also pass a points test.

Regional Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional)

Skilled workers who are nominated by a state/ territory or sponsored by a relative in a designated area can apply under the category. It’s valid for four years and can lead to permanent residence.

Employer Nomination Scheme

Those skilled workers who wish to apply for permanent residence and who are sponsored by an employer in Australia can apply under this category. 

Regional Sponsored Scheme (RSMS)

If you wish to apply for permanent residence and you should be sponsored by an employer in regional Australia. In this way, you will be eligible to apply for applying as a permanent resident.

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