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Is it difficult to get PR in New Zealand?


New Zealand, a country full of breath-taking landscapes and buildings. The happiest country has a lot to serve its citizens and immigrants. The country is now allowing students also for permanent residency. This way the number of immigrants has increased and the country has established strict norms for immigration applicants.

The students can apply for New Zealand immigration & permanent residency on the basis of their qualification benefits and if their student visa expires, they can further apply for permanent residency.

When you successfully complete any degree program from any of the acclaimed universities of New Zealand, the next you have to apply for the right visa, depending on the job opportunity in your hand. Either you can choose

1. Post-Study Work VISA 1

As a student one can have a flexible option with this visa. Students who have completed their course and are still looking for a job, then worry not this visa guarantees your stay in the country for one year to give you an opportunity to find the right job opportunity in your respective field of study or research. Meanwhile, you are allowed to work in any field, in order to survive in the beautiful country, New Zealand.

2. Post-Study Work VISA 2

This type of visa isn’t flexible with the type of job you opt for. After the studies the government of the country provides a window of two years. This kind of visa gives you a chance to find a specific job role with a specific employer. You can apply for this visa before or within 3 months of the expiry of your student visa.

Although there are enormous benefits that the government of the country provides. 

A few of the innumerable benefits that follow a permanent residency in New Zealand are:

  • One can live, work, travel, and study for an unlimited & unspecified time without any restrictions in New Zealand.
  • One can avail of the medical facilities at subsidized rates as well as social security benefits as per the country’s norms.
  • You can also take advantage of free education for our children at state-run schools and universities.
  • You are eligible enough to sponsor your relatives to apply for permanent resident visas, but they meet the residency and assurance of support requirements.
  • After staying for years, you can apply for New Zealand citizenship in the country. You just have to fulfill all their other basic criteria like basic use of the English language, strong communicative skills, good character, and a clear intention to continue staying in the country.
  • Children born in New Zealand will ultimately gain citizenship of the country by birth.

As compared to the other countries, New Zealand’s immigration might get difficult but not impossible. And to make it possible, the Reach2World team is always armed to help you out. Apart from New Zealand, we help you out to process visas and immigration to other countries as well like the USA, Australia, Spain, Canada, UK, Europe and many more.