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Make it Malta

Stunning relocation destination, Fabulous climate, Appealing tax landscape, Visa-free Schengen travel, Security, Family-friendly process. There are many reasons to invest in Malta. And with new changes to the Malta Citizenship and Visa Programme making it more accessible than ever before, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

While you don’t have to relocate to Malta as part of the programme, there are certainly plenty of reasons to. In 2017, Malta was voted the 10th best place to retire by the Annual Global Retirement Index. And safety and security await you on the islands, as Malta was also voted the 17th safest country in the world by the Legatum Institute.

About Malta

Malta is a small archipelago located in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa. Its capital Valletta is the smallest national capital in the EU and the country’s two official languages are Maltese and English.

Although no longer a commonwealth realm having become an independent republic in 1974, the country is still a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Malta is also a member of the European Union, the World Trade Organisation and the Eurozone. The local currency is the Euro.

Why Choose Malta?

  • FAST ACCESS TO EUROPE: You can obtain your Maltese citizenship in just 12-24 months.
  • HASSLE-FREE TRAVEL: Travel visa-free to 152 countries including every EU state, the USA and Canada. You’ll also be able to live in any Schengen country for up to three months in every six-month period.
  • BUSINESS BENEFITS: As a citizen of Malta, you’ll benefit from no inheritance tax, no estate duty, no wealth tax, no municipality taxes and no real estate taxes. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to invest in Malta and throughout the European Union.
  • A SAFE AND SECURE FUTURE FOR YOUR FAMILY: Your Maltese citizenship extends to your spouse, parents, minor children and unmarried dependent adult children under the age of 27. Your entire family can enjoy a safe, stable and affordable European lifestyle.

How To Apply

A fixed term deposit in a Cypriot bank also counts, as does a deposit into a privately-owned company if you’re the beneficiary owner. Your investment can include up to EUR 500,000 of special government bonds, so long as you hold them for three years.

  • A contribution to the National Development Fund
  • An investment in government bonds
  • An investment in real estate

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  • Residency Requirement: 12 months
  • Timeline: 12-24 months total time frame for passport and citizenship
  • Visa free travel: 152 countries, including 26 countries within Schengen area
  • Investment type:Property investment, government bonds and government contribution to Malta government
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All three investments below are needed as a qualifier for your application to the Maltese citizenship program.

Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund

1. Main applicant: EUR 650,000 contribution.

2. Spouses and children: EUR 25,000 contribution.

3. Dependent parents and unmarried children (18–27 years old): EUR 50,000 contribution.

Government Bonds

EUR 150,000 investment in Maltese government bonds or shares for a period of at least five years.

Property Investment

1. Minimum investment of EUR 350,000 in property.

2. Applicants can also enter into a property rental contract for a minimum of EUR 16,000 p.a.

Both options require a five-year contract.


Obtain Your Maltese citizenship Within 12 months

  • 1. Preparation of documents (Including residency card which is issued within 1-3 weeks)
  • 2. Application review
  • 3. Receiving approval
  • 4. Financial commitment, which includes:
    • Purchasing or renting a property
    • Investing in bonds
    • Contribution to the Maltese Government
  • 5. Submitting health cover
  • 6. AReceiving Oath of Allegiance Naturalisation Certificate
  • 7. Receiving Maltese citizenship