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Start a Business in Abu Dhabi with the help of True Business Setup Consultant

Business Setup Consultant

UAE’s capital, the city of Abu Dhabi, is considered the world’s business hub and therefore is a land of nod for entrepreneurs to set up a business. Dubai has been the central commercial hub for centuries, but in recent years, Abu Dhabi has gained global importance. UAE business setup procedure is very safe and secure. The great infrastructure, growth environment, motivated and compassionate labour force, and easily available business setup services in Abu Dhabi have attracted investors to start their businesses in the globally emerging economy.

Benefits of Starting a Business in Abu Dhabi Help of a Business Setup Consultant:

Abu Dhabi is one of the most flourishing parts of the UAE. The government is putting the best resources and effort into inviting more and more investment in new business from the domestic and foreign markets. A major benefit of setting up the business here is its protuberant location, which gives access to all abroad markets. The government has permitted 100% of FDI and immunities in corporate and income tax payments.

Process of Setting up a Business in Abu Dhabi With the Help of a Business Setup Consultant:

Deciding The Type of Business:

Before initiating the legal procedure at the start of the business, one must decide the type of business they want to run as there are different activities that each business has to perform.

Finding a Local Sponsor:

To start the business, obtaining a license and complying with the legal procedure is essential. It is beneficial if the businessman can appoint an agent for the same to simplify the procedure. A business setup consultant in Abu Dhabi can also be consulted to avoid complications.

Form of Business:

The next step would be to decide the form of the business organization, i.e., whether it will be a sole proprietorship or partnership or a company or a limited liability partnership. It shall be decided in advance as every business form has rules, acts, and regulations to comply with.

Registration of a Trade Name:

After deciding the type and form of the business, the next thing will be to decide on the name of your business which should be unique and different from others. There are many rules to be followed before deciding on a name, such as it shall not be against any religious belief or something that in any manner affect the sentiments of other and something catchy and relatable to the customer base.

Completing the Licensing Formalities With the Help of a Business Setup Consultant:

After receiving the certificate of Trade Name, you can initiate the licensing procedure to obtain the required license for the business.

Obtaining Approvals:

Investors from foreign countries will need to obtain permission from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs and Commercial Protection Division to get their projected premises for business approved by them.

Payment of The Requisite Fees:

After fulfilling all the requirements and receiving approval from the said authorities, the last step will be paying fees to the authorities.


Setting up the Business in Abu Dhabi is an attractive opportunity for young entrepreneurs, especially those entering the market through Foreign Direct Investment. They can consult the business setup consultant at Reach2World, which can help them and provide their support, guidance, and advice to complete all the required procedures.

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